has carved a place on the web by offering potential patrons reviews of Erotic massage parlors, including what sexual favors and happy endings they may offer.

The site has ratings, prices and addresses. And reviewers can anonymously list the rub provider’s ethnicity, hair color, hair length and even breast size. Other details include whether the provider has tattoos and whether kissing is OK.

Where are erotic massage options displayed?

This website offers tons of ads for escorts and erotic massages. With a huge number of countries listed, it is essential to remember that some cities will have more options than others. In the United States, all 50 states, as well as Washington DC, have cities listed. In addition, all of Canada is on the site. The UK is popular enough to have its own section and one can also find the rest of Europe, as well as Latin America and the Caribbean. A little everywhere in the world is listed on the site, at least where one can find erotic massages. The Middle East and Asia also have options, with Australia and Oceana also on the site. Africa has Kenya and South Africa listed, but not much else. If you are in these two countries, or in most countries outside of Africa, you may have options near you.

What services are offered?

When you connect to the site, get ready to see fun and unique lists. Many services are offered, including body scrubs, Happy Endings, escorts, etc. Escorts can provide callback services, departure services, and many specialty services are also listed. There is a special section for each city that is dedicated to the region’s erotic massage parlors, which is another fantastic thing to explore. The escort and massage services offered also include lists of TS escorts. Another thing that is not found on the website is a list of sex shops in the city. For more benefits, if there is a sex forum for the city or country, it is also listed in Rubmaps.

What is rubmaps

RubMaps is your #1 erotic massage parlor locator. The site is refreshed day by day with the best back rub audits from your region, which incorporate body to body rubs, prostate back rubs, rubs with upbeat endings, Nuru back erotic massages and hot back rubs. Individuals have the adaptability to utilize the propelled erotic massage search highlights to discover knead spas and surveys to accommodate their specific taste and needs.

Looking for a “happy ending” massage? can hook you up with these services. Asian erotic massage parlors are mushrooming across Middle America, helped along by a thriving online community of men with disposable cash and an hour to spare.

Rubmaps, the escort Massage site that starts to get talked about

Rubmaps is a platform that is starting to be known in the troubled world of escort girl sites offering erotic massages. After the closure of sites such as BackPage and the prosecution of procuring, escort girl sites are renewing quickly and Rubmaps is one of the strong new brands in this field.

Escorts on the Rubmaps site

Rubmaps offers escorts of all kinds and all nationalities. There are professional escorts, occasional escorts, French or foreigners. To really differentiate between these escorts, Rubmaps highlights those whose photos have been approved by the site, and are therefore trustworthy. A VIP Escorts segment is also available for escort girl ads in high-end models. Difficult to say what differentiates VIP escorts from other Escorts Rubmaps: for example, we saw one who claims to have posed for Playboy but the others did not seem very different from other escorts.

Ads posted on Rubmaps

Rubmaps makes pretty basic ads, especially betting on photos to attract the guys. The escorts have a space to introduce themselves but do not detail their practices nor the tariffs. Their phone number is indicated in clear and most of the negotiations will be done outside Rubmaps, directly on the phone, for more convenience.

The most popular massage parlors are evaluated by the guys who used their services. The ratings are based on the physical and service criteria, and comments can be added to complete the rating. Rubmaps having a fairly new success, you will have few reviews to date, this option is even in maintenance at the time of writing these lines. Compared to other platforms escort Rubmaps is a little late on this point, but it will not be long.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage has its origins in sacred Hindu texts where a caress represents eternal life. According to his texts, a person should succumb to the caress to live his life to the full.

The purpose of this massage is to awaken the senses and enhance the flow of the person’s sexual energy. Whoever lives this incredible experience achieves the finesse and intensity of his perception.

Ideally, you are excited by the contact with the different areas of your body, not just with the genitals. The idea of ​​exclusive stimulation of sexual organs is wrong in itself, because in this way they are cut off from other important energy centers. So your energy stays locked in an area, instead of moving in the whole body. While during a tantric massage, your masseuse stimulates different energy points. Imagine that you have orgasmic senses all over the body!

Sometimes a session is not enough to achieve the desired effect. However, tantric massage reinforces the client’s feelings during the next sexual interactions, because he learns to awaken and direct his sexual energy.

Nuru massage

Nuru massage comes from Japanese traditions. Curiously, Japanese men did not look for love or affection at home, as their wives were considered perfect managers and caretakers of the family home. As far as love and sexual experiences are concerned, they were in the field of courtesans. These women constantly invented sophisticated means to satisfy their partners. The hand-to-hand massage, where a naked woman slips on the body of a beneficiary, was a very good example. The word nuru means “sliding” which is explained by the nature of the special substance, of which men were discovered.

Our young ladies with smooth skin will massage you without using their hands. Your masseuse is covered with a special gel that facilitates sliding. The texture of the gel intensifies your senses.

Imagine the softness of her skin on yours! Your body will be filled with life-giving energies and you will be overwhelmed by the wave of desire. Be sure to experiment with new feelings that you will not be able to forget!

Erotic massage

In fact, all our massages are erotic. When you choose our “erotic massage”, you opt for a pure fantasy. Our experienced masseuses merge different massage methods to create a breathtaking adventure. They know little tricks that excite you, they read in your thought and guess your boldest desires.

What is your secret fantasy? Do you have a body area to touch with more delicacy? Do you have preferences for music or smells? Do not hesitate to entrust us your dreams during your call!

4 Hands massage

Double your pleasure with our 4 hands massage! Very often, two masseuses have very different personalities. Fiery and tender, impatient and attentive, curious and refined, they are unique! Their characters change everything: the way they treat you, their way of talking with you, their smiles and their looks.

Moreover, it feels good to be touched simultaneously to different parts of your body. The daily life of your sex life has nothing to do with this intense experience, since you are not used to a multi-dimensional caress.

The 4 hands massage is the new approach of a classic massage. Invite our two masseuses to be filled with ecstasy. Enjoy a double attention and the charming personality of our masseuses!

Couple massage

Routine is one of the worst plagues of all couples. If you start to hate because of trashy dishes or messy room, then you have a problem. Psychologists are unanimous on the importance of innovation and variety in a couple. Not everyone can take the risk of inviting someone else into their sex life. Such action can hurt the partner and cause jealousy.
The massage we offer is more suitable for couples who are curious and open-minded. Instead of inviting someone into your sex, you allow our masseuse to rekindle the flame between you. Our masseuses are delicate, that’s why their first concern is to put you at ease and reinforce the contact between you. They will do their best to invite you to an exotic and exciting adventure you will remember on your 50th birthday.

All day

Treat yourself to an extraordinary massage that lasts all day. Turn yourself into a king enjoying the graceful touch of his hetaïre. His caresses are truly a royal delight. She will be there for you all day long, so you will have time to relax deeply! Our all day offer allows you to not hide and do what you like at your own pace. You will indeed have the positive answer to your aspirations. Absolute happiness exists, and it is during the session all day that you will discover it! The all-day massage is an opportunity to materialize your desires!

All night

Sometimes, the massage is only 20% of what you need. Support, intimacy and a little understanding make the other 80%. In general, it is in the night, after a day of exhausting work, that you face your worries. Forget your problems with someone who understands you. The night is an intimate and mysterious moment, so it’s time to look back. Show her your scars, let her surround you with tenderness and sweetness. Immerse yourself in physical and emotional enjoyment. Discuss and drink wine. Enjoy the massage: take your time, you have all night in front of you.

Go out with a masseuse

If you miss a romantic side in life, organize a perfect tête-à-tête (when you have a perfect companion, do not worry, we already have it).

Your beautiful companion will fascinate you. Take her to dance, discover her personality: our masseuses are well educated and interesting interlocutors! Do you remember the last time you walked in a park and made a woman laugh with your jokes? Whether it’s an endless sensual adventure, an exotic dinner, funny movies or a party with friends, our masseuse will be a companion worthy of you. All our ladies appreciate your attention, so they will never disappoint you and will make you live unforgettable moments. If you want her to take the initiative, she will be as imaginative as possible.

Massage + party with masseuses

Is it reasonable not to live for pleasure? It will be difficult to find better hostesses for your party than our beautiful masseuses. The golden age of Montmartre’s nights is not over! The authentic festival is always in Paris, as long as there are beautiful girls, good music and the “green fairy”! Our ladies are endowed with multiple talents. They know how to put your guests at ease with a friendly joke. Our masseuses will easily cheer you up with sincere smiles and seduce you with their erotic dance. At the same time, your friends will feel popular and desired.

Do not break your head with the scenario: our masseuses will take care of it. Explain to them what you want and when you want, so that they entertain you throughout the night!

Lesbian show

We know that two girls who caress will excite you! Especially if they are pretty. Especially if they do it slowly. Especially if they massage your body afterwards!

We will show you at the show what a woman likes. You will discover what caresses excite her and which leave her cold. What points should you stimulate and how? We know how to please ourselves, because no one can understand the female body better than another woman! Generous and happy, our masseuses are eager to share their satisfaction with you.

When you watch our masseuses enjoy each other, you will have a real aesthetic pleasure. Relax, forget your problems of the day. The scent of love is in the air, and it is the most bewitching perfume to breathe.


Do you accept credit card payments?

We only accept payment in cash. In addition to the euro, we accept currencies (the US dollar and the British pound).

Can I extend my massage session?

It would be a great pleasure to know that, satisfied with our masseuse, you decide to prolong your session. The price of overtime is uniform without reduction.
Do I have to pay if I want to cancel the visit?

Not at all, if you warned us an hour in advance. We have an open mind, which is why we never penalize our customers. However, if you can not warn us in time, it is up to you to pay the taxi of your masseuse.

Do you offer incall service?

We only offer outcall massage, that is, our masseuse will come to your place or to your hotel room. In our experience, you are more comfortable in a familiar and comfortable environment for you. We are convinced that for you it would be better to feel at home and control your personal space.

How to prepare for the session?

Turn on the heat to relax during the massage, take a refreshing shower and prepare clean towels.
When do I have to pay?

Your masseuse will ask you to adjust at the beginning of the session. We are sure that this formality should take place at the beginning so that you can relax and enjoy your interaction.

Can I book my favorite masseuse?

We will do everything possible to put at your service the masseuse of your choice. However, it would be better if you call us in advance to make sure it is available.